Project Management

Project management is based on a body of knowledge which ensures a disciplined approach in the development and delivery of a product or service.  We subscribe to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMbok) which is sponsored by the Project Management Institute (PMI).  While we are not a project management firm, we provide expert support on those aspects of projects that require our specialised skills.  In addition we deliver service in line with project management principles.


Our experience in projects include research and development projects, trouble-shooting/optimisation projects and construction projects where we can provide process engineering input, flowsheet design, operational readiness and commissioning services.

In order to keep up with increasing and changing demands from customers, shareholders, regulatory authorities and other stakeholders, the operating environment (such as a processing plant)  often needs to be changed,  adapted or upgraded to meet new requirements. This may require the introduction or retrofit of new technology or modification of existing.  We can provide support on any part of the project management cycle from diagnosis through concept, feasibility and implementation as part of or complementary to the owners team.  Where research,  development and design is required as part of the concept determination and validation, we can play or support these roles on behalf of clients.

Systems do not often operate as intended due to local circumstances and so may require extensive trouble-shooting and optimisation before a satisfactory and consistent level of operation is achieved.  We are equipped to provide this service to our clients.

Going concerns are more about production and keeping up with current customer demands and shareholder expectations (business of today) and less about project development and implementation of major projects that require significant process upgrades, expansion or construction of new facilities.  Whenever the need arises such businesses  make up for this gap by bringing in external expertise on a short term basis. This is a gap we are well placed to fill, either as part of the owner’s team or on the side of the project management outfit, playing such roles as flowsheet design, process engineering input, operational readiness, commissioning and technical assurance.