Sustainability Management

GTS has a network of professionals who can help organisations develop robust business sustainability and operational continuity programmes. We believe that organisational capability comes as much from the extent to which a business can cushion itself against disruptive pressures that undermine operational continuity as it does from the degree to which it adopts and actively implements good practices that improve and sustain operational efficiency and effectiveness.  Our risk based approach seeks first to protect the organisation and then to unleash its potential for growth and prosperity.  Our suite of expertise in this area covers:

•    Safety First – the safety of workers and all persons associated with the enterprise is paramount. Thus safety must be incorporated in all activities associated with achieving a business objective and, before a project or operational routine is executed there must be a safety plan. 

•    Compliance to the Law – any business, to be sustainable, must comply with the laws, rules and regulations governing the industry. We are particularly familiar with the laws and regulations governing the mining industry and our experts can help the business appreciate what needs to be done to stay within the spirit of the law.

•    Good Practice – while a sound safety regime and legal compliance are compulsory requirements in the management of any enterprise, good practice is optional. Good practice takes the enterprise beyond the minimum required for business protection and continuity.  We encourage and facilitate the development and implementation of good practice in our areas of specialisation and continually seek international practices that can be adopted to leverage value for our clients.

•    Innovation and Continuous Improvement – a good safety and legal environment preserves the integrity of the business, good practice enables the business to be counted among the best in its field while innovation propels the business ahead of others and gives it a true competitive edge.  We support clients in coming up with and implementing innovative ideas covering process, technology and product quality.

•    Risk Management – our risk management approach calls for a system of management which continually uncovers threats and opportunities and then seeking and implementing appropriate responses to ensure effective value delivery in all areas.  Risk management is also at the core of operations and project management and so is an area of immense passion for us.