About Us

Gidary Technical Solutions (GTS) proudly delivers technical consultancy services in Engineering, Geosciences, Management and Projects primarily targeted to the mining industry but also ready to serve clients from other industries in the related fields. The company’s service capability ranges from basic deployment of additional resources, for example engineers or geologists to compliment their clients staff, to advanced and complex designs and digital modeling to have a greater control on resources and elevate business performance. GTS boasts a wide range of experience, knowledge and training that enables the firm to tailor their services to meet their client’s specific needs.


With considerable investments in equipment and skilled human resources, corporate organizations would like to be assured that the business processes in place to secure a good return on investment are efficient and fit for purpose. GTS believes that a key ingredient in the quest for an optimal high performing business entity lies in the organization’s ability to integrate and transform technical data across disciplines to business decisions that maximize on returns and enhance shareholder value. GTS personnel provide technical solutions that not only serve to address operational hurdles and improve efficiencies, but also seek to provide clients with the knowledge to have a greater control on their resource, their engineering plants and their systems for exploitation. Because GTS personnel have been involved in the industry and service sectors they avail their technical skills to how clients’ internal systems function and the difficulties often faced in their operations. GTS’s role is to compliment the client’s skill base and delve on the technical detail that they do not often have the resources or the time to engage in as they focus on delivering their mandate – the product.